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Where is the easily broken part of induction heating equipment? How to repair it?

Where is the easily broken part of equipamento de aquecimento por indução? How to repair it?

1. Thyristor: The short circuit of the thyristor is a very good device to check, but be careful about the soft breakdown of the thyristor. The soft breakdown cannot be measured in the circuit. The general phenomenon of SCR soft breakdown is that the reactor has a very heavy noise.

2. Capacitor: Generally, some short-circuit terminals of the capacitor are interrupted. I have also tried to repair the capacitor and found that the repaired capacitor will be broken after a short period of time. The inspection of the capacitor boost will be easier to see.

3. Water cable: The failure rate of the water cable of the electric heating equipment is open circuit, and it is easier to be ignored when it seems to be broken. Of course, judging by the sound of induction heating equipment is an indispensable skill in the maintenance of induction heating equipment! Listening to the sound judges that the reactor sound is generally rectified, and the sound screaming is generally inverted. Be sure to ask the customer when to see the phenomenon. It is best to understand the situation at that time. The use of a multimeter is very important. We can’t take an oscilloscope to the site for maintenance.

The maintenance knowledge of medium frequency induction heating equipment that solves 80% failures: How to judge the SCR of each part:

1. Measure the resistance in both positive and negative directions when the power is off

2. Measure the voltage drop of SCR when the voltage of induction heating equipment is 200v

3. The booster furnace is changed to pure parallel connection, which is to use thick copper wire instead of the capacitor to directly measure the charge and discharge to see if there is any trace of ignition on the shape of the capacitor. Repairing induction heating equipment is like seeing a doctor to analyze the symptoms, and then prescribe the right medicine to get the effect.