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We are a professional manufacturer of induction melting furnaces, induction heating furnaces, laboratory electric furnaces, high temperature box furnaces, high temperature tube furnaces, refractory bricks for electric furnaces, and water chillers for electric furnaces. Please feel free to contact us

Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe equipment

اسٽيل بار forging diathermy فرنس

Copper extrusion furnace

Induction furnaces for the forging industry

Long bar heating furnace

گول اسٽيل حرارتي aceت

Steel bar forging diathermy furnace

اسٽيل پائپ annealing سامان

چورس ٽيوب quenching فرنس

Forged round steel induction equipment

بار گرمي علاج جو سامان

Billet production equipment

2000kw induction گرمائش فرنس

کاپر راڊ انڊيشن حرارتي فرنس

پليٽ گرم ڪرڻ جو سامان

پٽي گرم ڪرڻ جو سامان

Continuous casting billet hot rolling heating furnace

Seamless steel pipe quenching production line

Billet induction حرارتي فرنس

ريبار برقي حرارتي فرنس

شيٽ اسٽيل گرم ڪرڻ واري فرنس

Features and advantages of induction melting furnace

Steel pipe quenching uniform method

انڊڪشن سخت گرمي علاج ڇا آهي؟

Core components of induction heating equipment

بيلٽ مسلسل رولنگ حرارتي سامان

Converter air brick

KGPS IF پاور سپلائي خاصيتون