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Do you know the advantages of induction heating equipment?

Do you know the advantages of таҷҳизоти гармидиҳӣ?

(1) The heating temperature is high, and it is non-touch heating.

(2) High heating efficiency.

(3) Суръати гармидиҳӣ зуд аст.

(4) Simple temperature control.

(5) Partial heating is possible.

(6) Simple automatic control.

(7) The working environment is good, with almost no noise and dust.

(8) The operation occupies less land and the production efficiency is high.

(9) Workpieces with complex shapes can be heated.

(10) The workpiece is simply heated and uniform, and the product quality is good.

(11) The solution in the smelting has the effect of electromagnetic stirring. It can evenly adjust the composition of the molten metal, the temperature of the solution is uniform, and there will be no high temperature. Less metal burning loss, which is more important for smelting rare metals.