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Vacuum box atmosphere furnace KSXL-1208

Vacuum box atmosphere furnace KSXL-1208

Performance characteristics of vacuum box atmosphere furnace

■Good sealing performance, can be used for vacuum atmosphere experiments;

■It can pass a variety of mixed gas for atmosphere protection;

■The control system adopts LTDE technology, with 30-band programmable function, and two-level over-temperature protection.

The vacuum box atmosphere furnace has good sealing performance and is suitable for atmosphere protection experiments and vacuum high temperature experiments. The furnace port is designed with a water cooling device, equipped with a double-head valved air inlet, protective cover, gas flow meter, silicone tube, single-head valved air outlet, protective cover, and vacuum pressure gauge. When using, it is necessary to connect the cold liquid in the low temperature tank provided by the user to the cooling device (water cooling method can also be used when the temperature is not high). In the atmosphere protection experiment, the air can be drawn into the degrading gas, so that the high-temperature heating workpiece will not produce oxidative decarburization, and it is used for high-temperature sintering with gas protection. It can also be used in heat treatment processes such as general quenching. When the furnace is in use, it is necessary to extract the vacuum in the furnace or fill it with degrading gas and turn on the water-cooling device to increase the temperature.

Operation instructions reference:

The vacuum box atmosphere furnace has the characteristics of good airtightness. Equipped with a vacuum pressure gauge, double-head valve inlet pipe, single-head valve outlet pipe, safety cover, silicone tube. It can be used for high-temperature atmosphere protection experiments with higher purity concentrations. The furnace mouth is equipped with a cooling device, which must be connected with refrigerant when in use. Special tips for operation:

(1) Equipped with a vacuum pump, extract the air in the furnace to the negative one position of the vacuum gauge. After about 30 minutes, let the air in the gap of the insulation layer be released, and then continue to pump it to the end, and fill with the degrading gas to make the pointer return to the 0 position;

(2) If the vacuum box atmosphere furnace is used as an ordinary furnace, it is necessary to open the valve to prevent gas expansion in the furnace; connect the cooling water pipe on the furnace door to protect the sealing strip from high temperature damage;

(3) After completing the above content, set the required temperature program on the operation panel;

(4) At the end of the experiment, it is necessary to ensure that the furnace temperature falls within a safe range below 100 degrees, and the furnace door can be opened after opening the gas valve.

Four. Precautions

A. The cooling device interface needs to be connected with coolant before heating up;

B. Suitable for heating in atmosphere protection or vacuum state;

C. It is strictly forbidden to heat up in a non-vacuum state or in an object with gas expansion without atmosphere protection

D The housing of the instrument must be grounded effectively to ensure safe use.

E The instrument should be placed in a well-ventilated room, and no flammable and explosive materials should be placed around it.

F This instrument has no explosion-proof device, and no flammable and explosive materials can be put into it.

G Turn off the instrument fifteen minutes after the instrument finishes work (to facilitate the heat dissipation of the instrument)

H. After the furnace is used, you must wait until the furnace temperature drops to at least 100 degrees, open the valve and release the gas before opening the furnace door, otherwise there will be safety hazards and even personal injury.


Note: The furnace block at the door must be blocked before the door can be closed and the temperature can be raised.

The furnace is equipped with a water circulation cooling device to protect the sealing strip at the furnace door. When the furnace is used at a high temperature for the first time, there will be an automatic cracking process at the intersection of cold and heat at the furnace mouth. This is a normal phenomenon (the cracks will not deepen and increase after long-term use). The cracks are conducive to the shrinkage when the heat and cold at the mouth of the furnace meet”!

Involving corrosive gas, please specify when ordering special volatiles. Other furnace dimensions can be customized according to customer requirements;

friendly reminder:

Tube furnace is the first choice for vacuum experiments, which has the characteristics of good vacuum, high cleanliness, and good corrosion resistance; usually box-type vacuum furnaces are used when they cannot be placed in the tube furnace due to the shape of the sample; as recommended for production Choose a production vacuum furnace

Equipped with technical information and accessories

Operating Instructions

warranty card

Double-headed air inlet valve, single-headed air outlet valve

Main components

LTDE programmable control instrument

solid state relay

Intermediate relay


Cooling motor

High temperature heating wire

Optional accessories:


product name Vacuum box atmosphere furnace KSXL-1208
Furnace shell material                  Premium cold plate
Furnace material                  high aluminum liner
Heating element                  high temperature resistance wire
Insulation method                  Thermal insulation brick and thermal insulation cotton
Temperature measuring element                  S index platinum rhodium–platinum thermocouple
temperature range                 100 ~ 1200℃
Volatility                 ±1℃
Display accuracy                  1℃
Furnace size                 300*200*120 MM
Dimensions                 约 730*550*700 MM
Heating rate                 ≤10℃/min
Total power                  5KW
power supply                 220V, 50Hz
Total Weight                 About 110kg