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What are the specific components of the water-cooled refrigerator?

What are the specific components of the water-cooled refrigerator?

The first is that the water-cooled refrigerator also has a compressor.

The compressor is one of the most important parts of all refrigerators. The compressor of the water-cooled refrigerator is a compressor suitable for water-cooled refrigerators. Depending on the open type, box type or screw type, the compressor used is also different .

The second one is the condenser.


The condenser is an important core component in the water-cooled refrigerator. The condenser used in the water-cooled refrigerator is a water-cooled condenser. The common problem of the water-cooled condenser is the scale problem. The condenser should be cleaned and cleaned in time to avoid Various problems caused by scale accumulation.

The third evaporator.

The evaporator is responsible for the final cold output, so it is also very important. The evaporator will also cause scale problems and should be cleaned and cleaned frequently.

The fourth one is the liquid storage tank.

The liquid storage tank is the refrigerant storage tank. Its function is to adjust the amount of refrigerant supply, effectively adjust the amount of refrigerant in the refrigerator system, and play the role of storage and adjustment.

The fifth is the cooling system.

The cooling system of a water-cooled chiller is a water-cooling system, the main components of which are the cooling water tower and related piping, as well as fillers, water distributors, fans, water pumps (cooling water pumps), etc. used in conjunction with the cooling water tower.

The sixth is the chilled water tank and chilled water pump.

The most important part of the chilled water tank is the water tank itself and the water pump. However, don’t think that the chilled water tank has only these parts. The chilled water tank and related components are very important. There is no way to operate normally with the chilled water tank alone. , Including float switch and ball valve, these are necessary accessories.

Seventh, the thermal expansion valve.

The expansion valve used in most water-cooled refrigerators is a thermal expansion valve. The thermal expansion valve is a throttling and pressure reduction device, which is a must in the refrigerator.