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How should high temperature resistant mica board suppliers keep pace with the times?

How should high temperature resistant mica board suppliers keep pace with the times?


HP-5 hard high temperature resistant powder high temperature resistant mica board. The product is silver-white, and the temperature resistance grade: 500℃ under continuous use conditions, and 850℃ under intermittent use conditions;

HP-8 hardness high temperature resistant gold high temperature resistant mica board. The product is golden in color and has a temperature resistance grade: it can withstand a temperature of 850°C under continuous use and 1050°C under intermittent use.

First, suppliers need to find new opportunities. With the development of economy, the safety precautions of high temperature resistant mica board have also been promoted to a certain position. Now many new industries begin to use high-temperature mica products, such as metallurgy, chemicals, household appliances and other industries, such as household ovens, toasters, breadmakers, microwave ovens, hair dryers, electric irons, heating coils, hair curlers , Electric combs, industrial electric furnaces, power frequency furnaces, refining furnaces, induction melting furnaces, calcium carbide furnaces, ferroalloys, yellow phosphorus furnaces, electric arc furnaces, power plants, electrolytic aluminum, injection molding machines and other electric heating equipment skeleton materials, these are high temperature resistant mica The new growth point of the board market, if you still blindly develop the existing market resources, the resources will be exhausted one day, and it is difficult to form a seller’s market. The decision is always with Party A. On the one hand, it is difficult to obtain higher profits. , On the other hand, it has a great impact on the company’s capital chain. Discovering new opportunities and developing new channels of customer resources is a way to solve the survival of suppliers. What is worth mentioning here is that dedicated and dedicated service to a certain group of users or industries may encourage engineering companies to obtain better development opportunities.

Second, play the service card. In addition to the development of high-temperature resistant mica board companies in the direction of specialization, choosing to transform into a service provider is also a future development direction. At present, there are many problems in the structure of my country’s security industry. Among them, the lag of the high-temperature mica service industry will affect the healthy and orderly development of the industry. Looking at the domestic security service market, there are very few professional security service companies, which indicates that the high-temperature-resistant mica board service industry has unlimited development prospects in my country. Follow the brand strategy. A brand represents a company’s popularity and good reputation. It is a huge intangible asset and an important force for the company to take off. With the rapid development of the domestic high-temperature-resistant mica industry, the market environment has gradually matured. Value wars have replaced price wars. High-temperature mica companies have begun to enter the stage of brand management from product sales and planned sales. In order to be invincible in the fierce security market competition, high-temperature mica suppliers must implement brand strategies to enhance their central competitiveness.