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Material of ladle breathable brick

Material of ladle breathable brick

The ladle air-permeable brick can purify the gas and solid impurities in the molten steel by blowing argon at the bottom, and can achieve the purpose of uniform molten steel composition and temperature, and its importance is self-evident. The material of the ladle breathable brick determines its characteristics. In order to achieve the purpose of blowing argon at the bottom of the ladle breathable brick, the ladle breathable brick is required to have thermal stability, erosion resistance, erosion resistance, permeability resistance, operational safety, and air permeability. Good, less penetration of molten steel, etc.

(Picture) Impermeable Breathable Brick

Magnesium: Magnesium materials refer to refractory materials with a MgO content of more than 80%. Magnesium products are mostly produced by sintering. The firing temperature is generally between 1500 and 1800°C. It has high refractoriness and strong resistance to slag erosion. , Does not pollute molten steel, etc.; but the coefficient of thermal expansion is large, and the thermal shock resistance is poor, causing the material to peel off easily, which greatly reduces the service life.

Magnesium chromium: Magnesium chromium material is a refractory material with MgO and Cr2O3 as the main components. It not only has a good resistance to alkali slag when it comes in contact with molten metal, but also has the characteristics of solid phase sintering, which can be very good Prevent the penetration of molten metal. However, when it is prepared and used under high temperature conditions, it will produce harmful hexavalent chromium compounds and cause environmental pollution. Under the national conditions where environmental protection is becoming more and more important, the output of magnesia-chromium materials will decrease.

High-aluminum: High-aluminum materials refer to refractory materials with an Al2O3 content of more than 48% to 75%. They have the characteristics of high cold and hot strength, thermal shock resistance, and high compressive strength, but they have poor permeability.

(Picture) Corundum Breathable Brick

Corundum: Corundum material refers to the refractory material with Al2O3 content above 90%. A refractory material whose main crystal phase is α-Al₂O₃ (corundum). Adding Cr2O3 to the material can inhibit the excessive growth of alumina crystals, thereby reducing the internal stress of the crystals and enhancing the physical indicators of the material. However, if Cr2O3 is added too much, the growth rate of corundum grains will be seriously affected, and the physical properties of the material will be reduced. In addition, from the perspective of environmental protection, the introduction of Cr2O3 will cause environmental pollution, so the introduction of Cr2O3 should be carefully considered. produces a variety of breathable bricks, with rich experience and superb technology, professional manufacturers are trustworthy! Luoyang Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the development, production and sales of air-permeable bricks for 17 years. It is a professional air-permeable brick manufacturer. Welcome to inquire.