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Ways of Energy Saving for Induction Heating Furnace

Ways of Energy Saving for Induction Heating Furnace

The use of induction heating has fast heating speed, short heating time and energy saving. This is the elimination of backward technologies and equipment that are high in energy consumption and pollute the environment with new technologies and new equipment. However, the energy-saving aspects of induction heating furnaces should also be reflected in the inductors should have higher thermal and electrical efficiency, so there are several ways to save energy and reduce consumption of induction heating.

Choose good heat and heat insulation materials

The induction coil of the induction heating furnace is lined with a heat-resistant layer and a heat-insulating layer. The material with good heat-insulation performance and a certain thickness are selected to play a good heat-insulating effect, reduce the heat transfer loss of the blank, and improve the performance of the inductor. Thermal efficiency.

Make full use of the cooling water of the sensor

The tap water used to cool the inductor of the induction heating furnace should be recycled to save water resources. At the same time, the cooled water still has a certain temperature and can be used for other applications to save heat.