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Details you need to know to buy refractory materials

Details you need to know to buy refractory materials

Insulation refractory materials have the functions of fire and flame retardancy, small deformation coefficient, anti-aging, stable performance, and good ecological and environmental protection performance. The use of insulation refractories not only guarantees the safety performance of the building, but also saves resources. The excellent performance has been recognized by the majority of customers. However, due to the uneven quality of refractory materials on the market, Henan refractory insulation material manufacturers remind the following points to be noted when purchasing insulation materials:

1. First look at the appearance of the product. The surface of the product is better. If there are scars or breakages that hinder the use, it is best not to use it.

2.The most important characteristic of thermal insulation materials is fire resistance, which reduces the loss in the event of a fire. When purchasing, test the combustion performance of the product, and non-combustible rock wool products are the best.

3. It is also very important for the heat preservation and refractory material to have good moisture absorption. It can keep your room dry for a long time and play a role of moisture resistance.