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Basic knowledge and common faults of chillers

Basic knowledge and common faults of chillers

In the refrigeration industry, chillers are divided into air-cooled and water-cooled; compressors are divided into screw chillers and scroll chillers; in terms of temperature, they are divided into low-temperature industrial chillers and normal temperature chillers; low-temperature chillers have general temperature control It is about 0 degrees to -100 degrees; and the temperature of the room temperature unit is generally controlled within the range of 0 degrees -35 degrees.

1. The main components of the chiller: compressor, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve.

2. The working principle of the chiller: first inject a part of the water into the water tank in the machine, cool the water through the refrigeration system, and then send the low-temperature cooling water to the equipment that needs to be cooled by the water pump. The chilled water takes away the heat and the temperature rises and returns to the water tank. , To achieve the role of cooling.

3. Features of air-cooled chillers: no cooling tower is required, installation and movement are more convenient, suitable for occasions where water supply is lacking and no water tower is installed; equipped with a low-noise fan motor, cooling and condensation effect is excellent, and excellent protection Rust treatment. High EER value, low noise, stable operation;

4. The characteristics of water-cooled chillers: fully automatic control, equipped with precision electric temperature controller, can run smoothly for a long time; use high-efficiency heat transfer heat exchanger, less cooling loss, easy to return oil; ergonomic panel, heat transfer tube is not easy Freeze cracked.

5. Maintenance:

(1) Due to the influence of factors such as equipment and use environment, 90% of the chillers will have frost failure during use. In order to avoid affecting the stability of the equipment, it is necessary to

Adjust the operating time of the equipment in time to avoid overloading operation of the equipment;

(2) The chiller will vibrate when it is running, but the frequency and amplitude are different depending on the type of unit. If there is a vibration-proof requirement, in order to reduce noise and vibration, it should be

Choose a chiller with a smaller amplitude, or install a vibration isolator on the chiller pipe;

(3) A filter can be installed at the inlet of the water pipe of the chiller and cleaned regularly to reduce pipe blockage;

(4) Please check whether the machine is damaged before installation, and choose a suitable place (preferably the floor, installation mat or levelness is within 6.4mm, which can bear the operating weight of the chiller);

(5) The chiller should be stored in a computer room with a room temperature of 4.4-43.3℃, ​​and there should be enough space around and above the unit for routine maintenance;

(6) There are different reasons for the water failure of the chiller. If the water failure is encountered, the first step needs to be shut down for maintenance immediately, and then the specific cause of the water interruption should be analyzed. According to the ability of the engineer, a suitable maintenance plan will be developed in the shortest time. , To ensure the re-operation of the chiller.