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Benefits of acid and alkali resistance treatment for chillers

Benefits of acid and alkali resistance treatment for chillers

1. Effectively resist the impact of the environment

After special treatment, the chiller can run at high speed in a strong acid and alkali environment. Even in response to many special use environments, the overall operating efficiency of the treated chiller and the chiller without any defense measures are very different. Not only that, the chiller that has undergone acid and alkali resistance treatment has a longer life and runs more stable.

2. Avoid acid and alkali from affecting the life of accessories

After being treated with acid and alkali resistance, each accessory is more resistant to acidic and alkaline environments. When companies use chillers, there is no need to worry about the life of the chillers. As long as the maintenance and maintenance of the chiller are completed on a regular basis, the core components and various auxiliary accessories of the chiller can maintain stable operating efficiency.

3. Effectively reduce the cost of enterprise use

After the acid and alkali resistance treatment, the probability of failure of the chiller equipment is very low. Under the premise of no failure, the company only needs to complete daily maintenance and maintenance without paying any maintenance costs. The fewer the number of enterprise maintenance, the lower the cost of using the chiller.