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Induction melting furnace manufacturers tell you the advantages of electric furnace building machines

Induction melting furnace manufacturers tell you the advantages of electric furnace building machines

The electric furnace building machine is composed of a gas distributor, a cylinder liner, an air hammer, a length adjustment rod and a chain. It is mainly used for knotting the dry lining material of an intermediate frequency furnace. The electric furnace building machine uses an air hammer to strike the crucible of the intermediate frequency furnace. The principle of the inner wall makes the large and small particles of the lining material fill the gaps with each other to achieve the effect of compacting the lining material. The furnace building machine is designed with an automatic rotation device, which can be automatically rotated during use, and the input air volume can be adjusted at will to adjust the vibration force to ensure the uniform knotting effect.

Advantages and characteristics:

A. Electric furnace building machine can reduce manpower and shorten work time.

Use the pneumatic furnace lining produced by Weifang Tiancheng Casting Materials Co., Ltd. to knot the furnace lining. One or two people can operate it. After the mixture is put into the furnace and the induction coil at one time, the driving is controlled to drive the pneumatic vibrator to move from bottom to top. It can reduce manpower, and greatly shorten the working time (1T induction melting furnace knots, only 1 hour to complete).

B. The electric furnace building machine is to tie the inner wall of the crucible to make the knotting and ramming effect uniform and detailed.

After the pneumatic furnace can be put into the mixture at one time, the pneumatic furnace rotates upwards from the lower part of the wall to make the mixture knot very uniform, not easy to cause the furnace bladder deviation and other phenomena, and the thickness of the knotted furnace wall is uniform.

C. One-time knotting, no foreign matter is mixed in the electric furnace building machine.

Electric furnace builders put the mixture into the furnace at one time, and the pneumatic vibrator can close the feeding place when the internal knot is knotted, so there will be no foreign matter mixed in.

D. The thickness of the sintered layer knotted by the electric furnace building machine is uniform, which can maintain the powder layer and form a safe operation

The vibrating mixture of the electric furnace building machine is uniform and meticulous, and the furnace bladder is not easy to deviate when vibrating. There is no foreign matter mixed in the mixture, which can reduce the local erosion caused by the mixing of easy objects, can maintain the average thickness of the sintered layer, and can also maintain the powder layer to prevent accidents caused by partial erosion of molten water during work. (That is to prevent leakage of furnace).

E. The knotting of the electric furnace building machine adopts the internal knotting method, and there will be no pollution such as dust.

f. The traditional stove method requires a lot of manpower and time, so it cannot meet the current production needs.