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Medium frequency induction heating equipment

Medium frequency induction heating equipment

The biggest advantage of the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment series is IGBT energy saving. It is a JZ-IGBT series product with the world advanced level designed by our company based on the actual situation of our country. This product fundamentally innovates the old-fashioned intermediate frequency characterized by SCR , Is an innovative replacement product of the old KGPS intermediate frequency.

Application scope:

Quenching field-gears: suitable for gears of Φ500mm; quenching of sleeve roller sprocket wheels of Φ800mm; quenching hardness meets material requirements, quenching depth 2mm-6mm; single tooth can be quenched to a modulus of about 50.

Quenching field-shafts: suitable for the quenching of large diameter shafts of about Φ250mm, the depth of the hardened layer is 2mm-6mm; the hardness reaches the surface quenching hardness required by the material.

Quenching field-quenching of large machine tool rails.

Heating field-scope of application: heating forging of round steel, square steel, bar material, etc. below Ф60mm.

Heating field-production cycle: 450-500 kilograms per hour, power consumption 320-360kw.t per ton.

technical parameter:

model Power supply input power IF range Duty rate Input Current
SD -200/4 Three-phase four-wire 380V
200KW 2KHZ-8KHZ 100% 300 A


1. Adopt global procurement of IGBT devices and components.

2. Adopt high-efficiency combined resonance technology.

3. Adopt low-inductance circuit arrangement and large-scale digital circuit.

4. Adopt more comprehensive and mature protection technology.

Random Accessories:

One set of main control cabinet (A, one transformer cabinet plus two sensors, B, or one furnace plus pneumatic feeding)