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Refractory bricks for heating furnace

Refractory bricks for heating furnace

There are many models of refractory bricks for heating furnaces. According to the different parts of the furnace and the temperature, the grades of refractory bricks used are also different, and the models are also different. The specifications and dimensions of the refractory bricks used in the furnace body should be based on the size of the brick. The thickness is calculated. In the design, the vertical masonry size of refractory brick masonry is a multiple of 68mm; the horizontal masonry size is a multiple of 116mm. Different types of bricks used in different parts of the furnace will produce certain errors according to the different ash seams and the tolerances of the refractory bricks. When the error is large, you can use TI\TZ\T-4 and other types. The bricks to adjust.

The wall can be built with red bricks, and the thickness can be 120mm, 240mm, 370mm, 490mm, 620mm, 740mm. If the length is not suitable for masonry, the red brick can be chopped, so the length is not limited. The vertical masonry size is taken as a multiple of 63mm. When red bricks and refractory bricks are adjacent to each other, the bricklaying size should be based on refractory bricks. If T-3 refractory bricks and red bricks are used as masonry, the amount of bricks used per 1rn³ is 550.

There are many refractory materials used in heating furnaces, such as heat preservation materials, refractory castables and other refractory materials, and refractory bricks are just one of them.