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Discussion on chilled water and refrigerant of chiller

Discussion on chilled water and refrigerant of chiller

Chilled water is the refrigerant. It is the “given” of the cold produced by the chiller after passing the refrigerant and the entire operation. That is to say, the chiller produces and manufactures the cold by running and passing the refrigerant. quantity.

The first one, it must not freeze

This is what everyone mentions when they talk about airborne refrigerant for chilled water. Therefore, if it freezes, it will have no way to flow, and naturally it will not be able to bear the work of carrying cold capacity.

Second, it must have a certain low resistance

If its flow resistance is relatively large, then there is definitely no way to achieve rapid and comprehensive cooling.

Third, its thermal conductivity must be strong

If the thermal conductivity is poor, it will not be able to meet the needs of the chiller.

Fourth, its stability is better

The reason for this requirement is that if the stability is not good, it may be easy to volatilize, evaporate, and other problems. As a result, there is no way to guarantee the operation of chilled water!

Fifth, frozen water should be non-toxic

If it is toxic, it may cause harm to the human body, which will cause certain harm to the personnel who operate and manage the chiller!

For companies that use chillers, the price of the refrigerant is a part of the cost. Therefore, it must be cheap. The most common type of chilled water is water, which is relatively cheap. If it is required for low temperature carrier cooling, below 0 degrees Celsius, ethanol or other types of liquid carrier refrigerants are generally used.