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medium frequency aluminum melting furnace maintenance and maintenance guide

medium frequency aluminum melting furnace maintenance and maintenance guide

1, proper care and maintenance, it can ensure that equipment has good performance and long service life.

2, class work after completion of the device in addition to water: method is to use an air gun to dry the water droplets, the work surface dust and debris clean, ensure clean equipment, clean.

3 , water cooling requirements: water cooling is extremely important for induction heating equipment, poor water quality, will lead to rust and scale inside the equipment, pipeline blockage, will directly lead to equipment damage, can not work properly.

4, the coil is prohibited in the case where no through water heating, otherwise the coil will burn, because the no-load power will burn.

5 , recommended cooling water: distilled water – softened water – pure water – filtered tap water

6. Cooling water that is strictly prohibited: seawater, salt water, unfiltered river water and well water.

7, the recommended water supply: water + closed loop water cooling heat exchanger.

8, a three-phase input voltage 380V (three-phase five-wire power supply).

9, after the machine is powered Do not touch the power transformer all input and output connectors, so as to avoid accidents.

10, the air must turn off the switching device, the main switch and external maintenance equipment, stopping the flow of water equipment.

11, the device should be placed to avoid sun exposure, rain, moisture and other environmental.

12 , equipment maintenance should be carried out by professionals.

13. When the control box door is not closed , do not turn on the power to avoid a safety accident.

14, when the work is completed first turn off the power control box, to stop the water after 15 minutes, so as not to damage the power supply