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Epoxy glass fiber hexagonal insulation rod

Epoxy glass fiber hexagonal insulation rod

The specifications of epoxy glass fiber hexagonal insulating rods are: 20mm opposite sides, 25mm opposite sides, 30mm opposite sides, 32mm opposite sides, 36mm opposite sides, and the length can be cut as needed.

1. Product introduction of hexagonal insulating rod

The hexagonal insulating rod is made of high-strength aramid fiber and glass fiber impregnated with epoxy resin matrix after high temperature pultrusion. It has the characteristics of ultra-high strength, excellent wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and excellent high temperature resistance. The product is suitable for high-voltage electrical appliances such as transformers, capacitors, reactors, and high-voltage switches.

2. Product performance of hexagonal insulating rod

1. The hexagonal insulating rod adopts continuous pultrusion of aramid fiber and glass fiber, which makes the product’s resistance to mechanical pressure and mechanical tension very excellent. Its tensile strength reaches 1500MPa, far exceeding the tensile strength of No. 45 precision cast steel. 570Mpa indicator. Excellent electrical performance, withstand voltage rating of 10kV-1000kV voltage range. Strong corrosion resistance, high bending strength, not easy to bend, easy to use and so on.

2. The allowable long-term working temperature of the hexagonal insulating rod is 170-210℃; the short-circuit working temperature of the product is 280℃.

3. The surface of the hexagonal insulating rod product is very smooth, no color difference, no burrs, and no scratches.

4. The heat resistance grade and insulation grade of the hexagonal insulating rod have reached H grade.