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How to avoid the rapid aging of epoxy glass fiber pipe look at these

How to avoid the rapid aging of epoxy glass fiber pipe look at these

Epoxy glass fiber tube is an insulating material, and its insulation performance is closely related to temperature. The higher the temperature, the worse the insulation performance. In order to ensure the insulation strength, each insulation material has an appropriate high allowable operating temperature Below this temperature, it can be used safely for a long time, and it will age quickly if it exceeds this temperature.

According to the degree of heat resistance, the insulating materials are divided into Y, A, E, B, F, H, C and other levels. For example, the high allowable working temperature of Class A insulating materials is 105°C, and most of the insulating materials used in distribution transformers and motors generally belong to Class A.

Next, let us take a look at how to avoid the rapid aging of epoxy glass fiber pipe.

1. Avoid strong sunlight

Light aging is mainly through sunlight radiation to achieve the purpose of damaging the epoxy glass fiber tube, and often loses luster. Fading, white flowers, peeling and other undesirable phenomena. Therefore, under normal circumstances, do not allow the board to be exposed to direct sunlight. Even if you want to prevent moisture, you must dry it in the shade and air dry.

2. Pay attention to the use temperature of the plate

The service temperature of epoxy glass fiber pipe is about 155 degrees. Try not to exceed the larger service temperature of the board. If the board is exceeded, bending and poor insulation performance will occur. And every 8°C increase in ambient temperature reduces the life span by half.

3. Avoid high voltage

The withstand voltage of epoxy glass fiber tube is as high as tens of kilovolts, but that is the critical value. During specific use, the voltage should not be too high. Partial discharge may occur in high-voltage electrical equipment due to uneven dielectric or uneven electric field distribution. It is possible that the discharge will emit various rays and sound waves, which will also damage the material. These will cause the insulation material to age.

4. Reduce mechanical vibration

With the operation of electrical equipment nowadays, the vibration and noise generated by mechanical equipment have serious hazards to the aging of insulating materials. Prevent corrosion

Now that the air is deteriorating, the chemical corrosive ions contained in the air cause serious corrosion of the plates. With some chemical factories, there are related protections for the epoxy glass fiber pipes to reduce corrosion.