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What are the differences between air-cooled and water-cooled?

What are the differences between air-cooled and water-cooled?

Air-cooled and water-cooled are two different types of refrigerators. Air-cooled and water-cooled are very different. They have different working principles and different operating modes. Of course, the so-called difference here refers to the different cooling and cooling methods. The compressor and the overall working mechanism in general, all types of refrigerators, including refrigerators with different compressors, refrigerators with different powers, refrigerators with different refrigerants, and low-temperature or ultra-low temperature refrigerators, are basically the same.

The characteristic of air cooling is to use a fan system to dissipate heat. Compared with water cooling systems, the cooling capacity of fan systems has inherent weaknesses. The use and maintenance have become very simple, not only the operation and maintenance are simple, but even the maintenance is relatively simple and not complicated.

The biggest feature of water cooling is of course that it is relatively stable, and its heat dissipation and cooling ability is relatively strong, and it can be applied to the situation of high cooling demand. The cooling method adopted by water cooling is through the water cooling system, that is, cold water. Tower system, in this way, its focus naturally becomes the cold water tower, that is, the water cooling system.

The structure and various aspects of the water cooling system are relatively complicated. To ensure the normal and stable operation of the water cooling system, you must have a better understanding of the water cooling system. Of course, due to the above characteristics of water cooling and air cooling, air cooling is generally used for cooling capacity. , In enterprises or environments with relatively small refrigeration requirements.

Water cooling is generally suitable for cooling and dissipating equipment in industry. Water cooling is basically not afraid of high ambient temperature, but air cooling is afraid, because air cooling relies on natural wind forced convection to cool and dissipate heat.