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Brief Discussion on Failure of Air-cooled Refrigerator

Brief Discussion on Failure of Air-cooled Refrigerator

Air-cooled refrigerators are most prone to noise failure. Noise failure, as the name suggests, is that the operating noise of the air-cooled refrigerator becomes larger. The reason for the increase is that the air-cooled system of the air-cooled refrigerator has operating failures. All are caused by the poor operation of the fan system. There are many reasons, mainly:

Poor lubrication is a common cause of noise. Poor lubrication means that the air-cooled refrigerator is not regularly lubricated, especially the lubrication of the fan system. If there is no regular and sufficient amount of lubrication for the fan system, it will cause the fan system to run poorly and reduce the cooling effect of heat dissipation. And the accompanying noise problem.

There are foreign objects or dust on the fan blades, which will cause the fan blades to deform and slow down the speed, which will naturally cause noise.

Lubrication is very important to the fan system, and it is also very important to regularly clean and clean the fan blades and foreign objects and dust in other locations.

In addition, there are many failures of air-cooled refrigerators, including possible problems such as reduced air output. Reduced air output is a common failure and has a lot to do with the abnormal operation of the air-cooled system. Under normal operation of the system, the air output of the air-cooled refrigerator fan system will not decrease.