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Three common hidden dangers in the operation of industrial chillers

Three common hidden dangers in the operation of industrial chillers

The first is the cooling system, the second is the main motor, and the third is the compressor.

Cooling system: The cooling system is divided into air cooling and water cooling, because the cooling system is the most important thing to ensure the normal operation of the freezer, so once a problem occurs, the freezer will not operate normally, and the freezer is in hidden dangers. The biggest one is the cooling system problems and failures, which are also the most common failures.

Main motor: Generally, it is a problem with a large load. Once the main motor is loaded, it may cause the stability of the refrigerator to deteriorate, and the cooling effect will be lower. In addition, it will definitely cause excessive consumption of energy and electricity resources, or even damage , Unable to operate normally, etc.


Compressor: Because the compressor is a precision component, although its failure rate is relatively low, there may still be certain problems, especially when the load is large, the load is too large, which is a hidden danger to the operation of any refrigerating machine component. Excessive load usually occurs in other components, especially when the condenser has condensation failure and the cooling system has failed.