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The composition of a complete set of shaft quenching equipment:

The composition of a complete set of shaft quenching equipment:

1. Intermediate frequency or super audio series shaft quenching equipment (select the specific model according to the diameter of the shaft, the depth of the quenching layer and the heating efficiency).

2. Vertical quenching machine tool.

3. Closed cooling tower: cooling the internal components of the power supply, the closed loop does not pollute or block, the circulating medium is pure water, and does not scale. To

4. Quenching liquid cooling device: It can be combined with a closed cooling tower to form a dual-circuit structure for cooling the quenching medium, which is convenient for recycling, stabilizes the temperature of the quenching liquid, and ensures the quality of quenching.

The induction heating equipment can be selected according to the user’s shaft diameter, quenching layer thickness and heating efficiency. At the same time, it can be matched with a vertical CNC quenching machine to spray water while heating, and perform uniform rotation and lifting actions at the same time to ensure the entire The hardened layer and hardness of the workpiece are uniform. And the automation program is high, which can greatly improve the production effect.