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Atmosphere protection program-controlled box-type electric furnace SDXL-1302C detailed introduction

Atmosphere protection program-controlled box-type electric furnace SDXL-1302C detailed introduction

SDXL-1302C atmosphere protection program-controlled box-type electric furnace performance characteristics::

■It can be passed into the degrading gas so that the high temperature heating workpiece will not produce oxidative decarburization

■High-aluminum furnace door and mouth, fiber inner liner, resistance wire heating, uniform heating, outer shell is high-quality thin steel plate, surface is sprayed with plastic, integrated production

■The instrument has high accuracy, the display accuracy is 1 degree, and the accuracy is up to plus or minus 2 degrees under the constant temperature state.

■The control system adopts LTDE technology, with 30-band programmable function, two-level over-temperature protection

The SDXL-1302C atmosphere protection program-controlled box electric furnace model is in accordance with the national machinery industry JB4311.7-91 standard. The electric furnace has a LTDE programmable control system. The electric furnace shell is made of high-quality cold plate and section steel. The shell is high temperature sprayed. The back and front of the electric furnace are specified The production process has air inlet and outlet devices, which can pass in the degrading gas so that the high-temperature heating workpiece will not produce oxidative decarburization. This electric furnace is suitable for other high-temperature annealing, tempering and other heat treatment processes that require various gas protection. Thirty-segment microcomputer control with program, with powerful programming function, can control the heating rate, heating, constant temperature, multi-band curve arbitrarily set, optional software can be connected to the computer, monitor, record temperature data, making the test reproducibility possible. The instrument is equipped with electric shock, leakage protection system and secondary over-temperature automatic protection function to ensure the safety of the user and the instrument. This furnace is suitable for low-purity atmosphere protection experiments. If high-purity atmosphere protection is required, please choose our company’s vacuum atmosphere according to your needs. Chamber furnace and vacuum chamber furnace

SDXL-1302C atmosphere protection program-controlled box-type electric furnace details:

Furnace structure and materials

Furnace shell material: The outer box shell is made of high-quality cold plate, treated with phosphoric acid film salt, and sprayed at high temperature, and the color is computer gray;

Furnace material: high-aluminum inner liner, good wear resistance, high temperature furnace up and down, left and right sides heat;

Thermal insulation method: thermal insulation brick and thermal insulation cotton;

Temperature measurement port: The thermocouple enters from the upper back of the furnace body;

Terminal: The heating wire terminal is located at the lower back of the furnace body;

Controller: located under the furnace body, built-in control system, compensation wire connected to the furnace body

Heating element: high temperature resistance wire;

Whole machine weight: about 60KG

Standard packaging: wooden box

Product Specifications

Temperature range: 100 ~ 1300℃;

Fluctuation degree: ±2℃;

Display accuracy: 1℃;

Furnace size: 200*120*80 MM

Dimensions: 510*420*660 MM

Heating rate: ≤30°C/min; (can be arbitrarily adjusted to any speed lower than 30 degrees per minute)

Whole machine power: 3KW;

Power source: 220V, 50Hz

Temperature control system

Temperature measurement: S index platinum rhodium-platinum thermocouple;

Control system: LTDE fully automatic programmable instrument, PID adjustment, display accuracy 1℃

Complete sets of electrical appliances: use brand contactors, cooling fans, solid state relays;

Time system: heating time can be set, constant temperature time control, automatic shutdown when constant temperature time is reached;

Over-temperature protection: Built-in secondary over-temperature protection device, double insurance. ;

Operation mode: adjustable constant temperature for full range, constant operation; program operation.

Equipped with technical information and accessories

Operating Instructions

warranty card

Double-headed air inlet valve, single-headed air outlet valve

Main components

LTDE programmable control instrument

solid state relay

Intermediate relay


Cooling motor

High temperature heating wire

Optional accessories: