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Epoxy glass fiber tube product introduction

Epoxy glass fiber tube product introduction

  1. Epoxy glass fiber tube is made of electrical non-alkali glass fiber cloth impregnated with epoxy resin, and processed by baking and hot pressing in a forming mold. The cross section is round. The glass cloth rod has high mechanical properties. . Dielectric properties and good machinability. The heat resistance grade can be divided into B grade (130 degrees) F grade (155 degrees) H grade (180 degrees) and C grade (above 180 degrees). It is suitable for insulating structural parts in electrical equipment, and can be used in damp environment and transformer oil.

The surface of the epoxy glass fiber tube should be flat and smooth, free of bubbles, oil and impurities, and allowed to have uneven color, scratches, and slight height inequality that do not hinder use. The laminated glass cloth rod with a diameter of more than 25mm is allowed to have different end faces or sections. Cracks that hinder use.

  1. Technical index of epoxy glass fiber tube, heat resistance class B

Execute standard Q/XJ360-2000 for epoxy glass fiber pipe

The storage period of epoxy glass fiber pipe is 18 months below 40℃

The epoxy glass fiber pipe is characterized by high mechanical properties and excellent electrical properties, moisture-proof and heat-resistant.

The use of epoxy glass fiber tube is suitable for parts of high-voltage electrical appliances, dry-type transformer skeletons, etc.;

  1. Specification of epoxy glass fiber tube: 6-300mm