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Precautions for the use of induction heating equipment

Precautions for the use of induction heating equipment

1. Professional operation

The induction heating equipment must be operated by a designated or trained operator while in use, and the person in charge of the special equipment must be designated at the same time. Equipped with dedicated personnel for regular maintenance of induction heating equipment to ensure normal operation of the equipment.

Second, understand the operating procedures

The operator must read the operating specifications carefully before use, check whether the cooling equipment is operating normally before turning on the machine, and then power on after it is normal. When using induction heating equipment for quenching machine tools, the safety regulations related to electrical, mechanical and hydraulic transmission should be followed.

Three, do a good job of safety protection

For safety, the operator should wear insulated shoes, insulated gloves and other protective equipment to prevent high temperature to ensure personal safety.

Fourth, keep it clean and dry

In order to avoid arcing when heating, damage the eyesight and damage the sensor and equipment, the workpiece should be free of burrs, iron filings and oil stains. At the same time, keep it clean, dry and dust-free. If abnormal phenomena are found during work, the power switch should be turned off first, and then the fault should be checked and eliminated.

Five, use the correct specifications

All doors should be closed before work, and electrical interlocking devices should be installed on the doors, and the library should ensure that no electricity can be delivered before the doors are closed. After the high voltage is closed, do not move around behind the machine at will, and it is strictly forbidden to open the door. In order to prevent people from blasting and injuring people during the power frequency induction heating of large workpieces, the power frequency heat treatment operation procedures and the corresponding large parts heat treatment process regulations must be strictly followed during the operation.

The above is an introduction to the main points of attention when using induction heating equipment. Although the quality of induction heating equipment is guaranteed, it should still be operated in strict accordance with the rules of use when using it. Professional operators should be equipped with safety protection. The equipment should be checked regularly and kept clean. , Do not cause safety accidents due to paralysis.