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1100℃Tube Furnace\Tube Resistance Furnace

1100℃Tube Furnace\Tube Resistance Furnace


The 1100℃ tube furnace is a tube resistance furnace produced by Luoyang Sigma high-temperature electric furnace. The 1100 degree tube resistance furnace is heated by electric wire, and the temperature can reach 1100 degrees.

The tube furnace is designed with two options of open type and non-open type. The diversified matching can meet the requirements of various experiments in the laboratory. The high purity quartz tube is used as the furnace, and the cleanliness is high. Different vacuums can be obtained, and a variety of process gas control can also be achieved. The appearance of the equipment is exquisite and beautiful, and the surrounding expandability is good. It is suitable for experiments in universities and scientific research institutes.

Features of 1100℃ tube furnace

1. Working temperature is 1000℃;

2. The resistance wire adopts HRE resistance wire (Cr20Ni80) or silicon carbide rod. The two materials have high strength at high temperature, will not become brittle after long-term use, have good oxidation resistance and are durable.

3. Furnace shell structure, double-layer furnace shell air-cooled structure;

4. Stainless steel double-layer sealing flange, and American standard needle valve for inlet and outlet valves;

5. Adjustable flange support structure at both ends to extend the life of the quartz tube;

6. Furnace pipe protection nets and furnace pipe flange support devices are installed at both ends of the furnace body to prevent the exposed furnace pipes at both ends from being burned at high temperature and excessive stress on both ends of the furnace pipe at high temperatures;

7. LED high-strength, anti-damage, all stainless steel buttons, durable;

8. Over-temperature protection function, when the temperature exceeds the allowable set value, it will automatically cut off the power;

9. Safety protection. When the furnace body leaks, the power will be automatically cut off;

10. The intelligent program temperature controller has precise control, and can edit, store and call multiple programs;

Additional options:

Furnace measurement system: (oxygen content detection system, temperature detection system);

Vacuum system: (rotary vane mechanical pump, diffusion pump unit, molecular pump unit);

Atmosphere system: (float flow meter, mass flow meter);

Monitoring system: (temperature recorder, touch screen remote monitoring);