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Classification of breathable bricks (2)

Classification of breathable bricks (2)

(Picture) DW series slit type breathable brick

According to the structure, ventilating bricks can be divided into diffuse ventilating bricks, slit ventilating bricks and through-hole ventilating bricks.

1 Dispersion type breathable brick

Dispersion-type air-permeable brick is a kind of anti-permeable air brick with less cleaning or no cleaning, air permeability can be designed, it is through adding a certain amount of micro-pore forming agent to the air Decomposition or burning loss, a large number of interconnected micro pores are evenly distributed in the whole body of the breathable brick to achieve the purpose of refining molten steel and cleaning molten steel. In this way, when a negative pressure occurs in the argon blowing pipeline system, the penetration of molten steel into the breathable brick is fundamentally avoided, so that the breathable brick will not be ablated due to steel infiltration and steel slag, thereby ensuring fast and safe production.

2 Slit-type air-permeable brick

The slit-type breathable brick is the most widely used breathable brick structure in the market. According to the actual field conditions, by controlling the number and length of the slits, different slits are reasonably designed, so that the breathable brick of this kind of structure is used in the process of use. Performance to the extreme.

3 Straight-through hole type breathable brick

At present, through-hole ventilation bricks are mainly used in converters. Since the through-hole type ventilation bricks used in the ladle are complicated to manufacture, and the through-hole type ventilation bricks have a small air vent rate, the through-hole type ventilation bricks replace the through-hole type ventilation bricks.