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Advantages of Buffer Modulated Wave Aluminum Melting Furnace

Advantages of Buffer Modulated Wave Aluminum Melting Furnace

1. High-efficiency, energy-saving and rapid heating. The internal heating method is adopted, that is, the metal inside the barrel is heated by electromagnetic induction. The average preheating time is shortened by 2/3 compared with the resistance coil heating method. At the same time, the thermal efficiency is as high as 95% and the power saving effect can reach 30%. -70%.

2. Reduce production costs and improve product quality. The heating part adopts induction heating coils, which does not generate heat by itself, and the service life can reach more than 20 years. There is basically no maintenance cost in the later period. Because electromagnetic heating uses induction heating coils to automatically heat the metal in the furnace ring, the heat utilization rate is as high as 95%, which can fully and uniformly heat the raw materials, and the molten aluminum or molten iron has a uniform composition, thereby improving product quality.

3. Reliable operation, controllable and adjustable The host adopts the most advanced industrial control, microelectronic control, multi-channel intelligent closed-loop system and perfect protection function, which effectively avoids the aging phenomenon of the host, and can fully guarantee the long-term safe and stable operation of the equipment.

4. Improve the working environment. The surface of the equipment is at room temperature and the human body can touch it, which greatly improves the working environment of the production site, greatly improves the enthusiasm of workers in production, and reduces the cost of traditional cooling facilities. In line with the “people-oriented” concept, we will create a more green, energy-saving, safe and comfortable production environment.

5. Compared with the traditional electric heating wire melting furnace, the rated power can be reduced by 50%;

6. Long life of the furnace lining: uniform heating of the furnace lining, small temperature difference, and an average life extension of 50%;

7. Low maintenance cost: no traditional resistance wire burnout, saving material and labor costs;

8. High temperature control accuracy: the eddy current reacts instantly, the furnace lining heats up by itself, without the hysteresis of traditional heating;

9. Good operating environment: less heat dissipation, low surface temperature, except for low workshop temperature;

10. Safe and stable: no centralized melting is required, avoiding the transportation hazard of high-temperature molten liquid.

11. The buffer modulated wave aluminum melting furnace runs with high power factor, the power factor is 0.98, and the power factor of ordinary heating furnace is 0.85.