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How to adjust the temperature of the chiller

How to adjust the temperature of the chiller

Industrial chillers have gradually become an indispensable auxiliary refrigeration machine in many fields (such as electroplating, plastic molds, food processing, etc.), which can improve the system of the workplace.

Cooling effect, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the product. Although it is widely used, there are still users who use industrial chillers to operate improperly, which affects the manufacture of chillers.

Cold effect. To

When the chiller leaves the factory, the thermostat is set to intelligent temperature adjustment. If we want to adjust the cooling temperature, we need to switch the intelligent temperature adjustment mode to the constant temperature mode, and the chiller adjusts the temperature

The specific steps are:

(1) Press and hold the ▲ and SET keys at the same time, wait for 5 seconds, the interface displays 0;

(2) Press and hold the ▲ key, adjust 0 to 8, and then press the SET key to enter the menu setting, at this time the interface displays F0;

(3) Press the SET button again to enter the parameter setting interface, press and hold the ▼ button to change the temperature degree to what you need;

(4) Finally, press and hold the RST key to save the settings.

Some staff in charge of the chiller did not strictly adjust the operating parameters of the chiller when it was turned on, or if they did not understand, they did not contact the customer service of the chiller manufacturer to communicate.

Random debugging, the first operation of industrial chillers is very important, so the staff in charge of industrial chillers need to understand the operating principles of chillers in order to better exert the effects of chillers.