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Honeycomb ceramic heat storage body

Honeycomb ceramic heat storage body

Features of honeycomb body:

The honeycomb ceramic regenerator has the characteristics of low thermal expansion, large specific heat capacity, large specific surface area, small thermal resistance, good thermal conductivity, and good thermal shock resistance. Widely used in the metallurgical machinery industry regenerative high temperature combustion technology (HTAC), it organically combines the recovery of flue gas waste heat combustion and the reduction of NOX emissions, so as to achieve and limit energy saving and reduce NOX emissions.

Main application areas: steel plants, waste incinerators, waste gas treatment thermal equipment, chemical plants, smelters, power plants, power industry boilers, gas turbines, engineering heating equipment, ethylene cracking furnaces, etc.

Product Features

1. The materials are diverse, and products of different materials and specifications can be selected according to the customer and the use environment.

2. The hole wall is thin, the capacity is large, the heat storage is large, and the space is small.

3. The hole wall is smooth and the back pressure is small.

4. Long service life, not easy to be muddy, stained and deformed at high temperature.

5. The product has high quality specifications, and when installed, the discharge between the regenerators is neat and the misalignment is small.

6. Good thermal shock resistance, good thermal conductivity and high mechanical strength.