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Maintenance method of air-cooled chiller

Maintenance method of air-cooled chiller

Replacement of filter drier-The filter drier is used to filter and dry the refrigerant. The filter drier must be cleaned or replaced regularly and regularly.

Lubricating oil inspection-to inspect the refrigerated lubricating oil, to ensure that the quality and quantity meet the requirements, and to refill or replace it regularly.

Water pump-The water pump of the air-cooled machine is a chilled water pump. The chilled water pump cannot operate normally, which will affect the normal operation of the chilled water. Therefore, it should be maintained and maintained regularly. If problems are found, they should be dealt with in time.

Fan system-The fan system is the most important part of the air-cooled chiller. If you want to ensure the efficiency of the air-cooled chiller, you must ensure that the fan system operates normally.