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Epoxy glass fiber hexagonal rod

Epoxy glass fiber hexagonal rod

Product performance

1. Because the product adopts continuous pultrusion, each glass filament in the product is guaranteed to be a whole filament, which makes the product’s resistance to mechanical pressure and mechanical tension very excellent, and the product’s tensile strength is 570 Mpa. Excellent electrical performance, withstand voltage rating of 10KV—1000KV voltage range, strong corrosion resistance, high bending strength, not easy to bend, easy to use and other characteristics.

2. The allowable long-term working temperature of the product is 170-200℃, and the maximum short-circuit working temperature of the product is 230℃ (time less than 5 seconds)

3. The product adopts German imported mold release agent to ensure that the surface of the product is very smooth, no color difference, no burrs, and no scratches.

4. The heat resistance grade and insulation grade of the product reach H grade, which is an ideal substitute for unsaturated molded MPI products.

5. Insulating rod with vacuum demoulding technology is our company’s patented product.

6. In order to improve the product’s environmental requirements for acid resistance and high temperature resistance, the company develops four grades of products, including ordinary insulating rods, acid resistant insulating rods, high temperature resistant insulating rods, and acid resistant and high temperature resistant insulating rods.

7. Main specifications: 20, 25, 32 opposite sides; special product specifications and performance can be produced according to customer requirements, according to drawings, and customized. Welcome to call, negotiate and negotiate!