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Precautions for leak detection in industrial refrigeration systems

Precautions for leak detection in industrial refrigeration systems

1. Pay attention to the use of blowtorch to keep it clean. Make the nozzle unblocked and not blocked by dirt.

2. After ignition or during inspection, the steam suction neck tube should not be blocked, otherwise the blowtorch will turn off.

3. When the leakage is serious or two leakage points are close together, it is difficult to judge the exact location of the leakage point with a blowtorch. Therefore, it should be solved with the help of soap liquid leak detection.

4. Halogen lamps have certain requirements for the temperature of the place of use, and it is not suitable for places below 0 degrees. Generally, it is advisable to maintain the room temperature at 15 degrees.

5. Halogen lamps are not suitable for places with large leakage. Freon is generally absorbed by alcohol, so it can no longer be used for leak detection. On the other hand, phosgene is also produced, which can easily lead to human poisoning.

6. When detecting leaks, the halogen lamp should be placed upright, not skewed, and not on its side.

7. If the halogen lamp is used for a long time, if the nozzle is blocked or not smooth, use a needle to pass it after the fire ceases.

8. After the halogen lamp is used up, do not close the flame regulating valve too tightly to prevent the valve body from shrinking and damaging after the halogen lamp is cooled.

9. After the halogen lamp is used up, keep it properly. The nut of the suction pipe joint should be removed, cleaned together with the blowtorch, and put into the box for safekeeping by a dedicated person.