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The new technology of induction quenching and tempering heat treatment, the use of the new process

The new technology of induction quenching and tempering heat treatment, the use of the new process

1. The total length of the rail is induction hardened

There are dozens of rail total-length intermediate frequency quenching production lines in China, which have doubled the service life of the rails. This technology is also extended to other parts of the railway, such as railway turnouts.

2. PC construction steel bar production process

The development trend of China’s induction hardening of PC building steel bars from single-frequency to dual-frequency, and from single-line manufacturing to multi-line manufacturing, the energy consumption index value continues to decrease

3. Induction hardening of seamless steel pipe welding

The key to this processing technology is to remove the welding ground stress and homogenization mechanism, and avoid the shrinkage zone causing hard spots to harm the service life of seamless steel pipes. There are several companies in China currently engaged in this manufacturing industry, and the vast majority of all weapons and equipment are Chinese technical.

4. Induction hardening of auto parts

Weapon equipment and processing technology for induction hardening of many parts such as CVT bell-shaped shell, three-post sliding sleeve, dovetail guide rail in the wheel, etc. All domestic production and manufacture of interlocking key new projects. This kind of domestic parts takes into account the necessity of the rapid development trend of China’s automobile industry and is more than self-sufficient.

5. Double frequency induction hardening of rolls

China has been able to manufacture its own dual-frequency switching power supply and quenching complete sets of equipment. Roll dual-frequency quenching has been produced in several metallurgical industrial plants, and its work clothes quenching spray ring has been technically improved and has been carried out smoothly.