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What are the raw materials for refractory bricks?

What are the raw materials for refractory bricks?

There are many kinds of raw materials for making refractory bricks. From a chemical point of view, all elements and compounds with a high melting point can be used as raw materials; from a mineralogical point of view, all high-refractory minerals can also be used as raw materials for refractory bricks. What are the raw materials of refractory bricks, generally divided into: soil, stone, sand, silty and others.

(1) Soil quality: kaolin, clay and diatomite

(2) Stone quality: bauxite, fluorite, kyanite, andalusite, sillimanite, forsterite, vermiculite, mullite, chlorite, dolomite, magnesia alumina spinel and silica, Cordierite, corundum, coke gemstone, zircon

(3) Sand quality: quartz sand, magnesia sand, chrome ore, etc.

(4) Powder quality: aluminum powder, silicon powder, silicon powder

(5) Others: asphalt, graphite, phenolic resin, perlite, floating beads, water glass, silica sol, calcium aluminate cement, shale ceramsite, aluminum sol, silicon carbide, hollow sphere