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Talking about the performance of mica tape

Talking about the performance of mica tape

1. Normal temperature performance: Synthetic mica tape is the best, muscovite tape is second, and phlogopite tape is inferior. Insulation performance at high temperature: synthetic mica tape is the best, phlogopite tape is second, and muscovite tape is inferior.

2. High temperature resistance: synthetic mica tape with fluorphlogopite tape, without crystal water, melting point 1375℃, large safety margin, high temperature resistance.

3. The temperature performance is the best. Phlogopite releases crystal water above 800℃, followed by high temperature resistance. Muscovite releases crystal water at 600℃, which has poor high temperature resistance. Fire-resistant mica tape for fire-resistant cables and fire-resistant cables for fire-resistant cables. Mica tape is a high-performance mica insulation product with excellent high temperature resistance and combustion resistance.

4. Good safety performance, mica tape has good flexibility and is suitable for the main fire-resistant insulation layer in various fire-resistant cables. There is basically no volatilization of harmful smoke when exposed to an open flame, so this product is not only effective for cables, but also very safe.