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How to debug the industrial refrigerator on site?

How to debug the industrial refrigerator on site?

Chiller manufacturers-tell you how we commissioned industrial chillers on site.

1. Check whether there is any bumps on the outside of the equipment host, check whether the index of the high and low pressure indicator is normal or not, and whether the equipment leaks fluorine;

2. Check whether the power supply conforms to the standard and whether it can meet the operation of the unit; check whether the circuit is broken or whether the electronic components are damaged;

3. Observe whether the parameters of the cooling water pump, chilled water pump, and cooling tower match the host of the equipment; water-cooled chiller

4. Whether the cooling water and chilled water systems are equipped with automatic water replenishment devices, filtering devices and water treatment equipment;

5. Install a filter larger than 40 mesh at the water inlet of the condenser and evaporator;

6. Confirm whether the water system is cleaned, and check whether the water system is operating normally.