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Precautions for construction of refractory castable manufacturers in different environments

Precautions for construction of refractory castable manufacturers in different environments

Castable is a granular and powdery material made of refractory materials and a certain amount of binder. It has high fluidity and is an unshaped refractory formed by casting. Refractory castables have certain requirements for the surrounding environment during construction. Now Henan castable manufacturers come to briefly talk about the precautions for refractory castables in winter, summer or rainy days:

1. Winter construction refers to construction when the ambient temperature is between +5°C and -5°C. When the temperature is lower than -5°C, construction can only be carried out after reliable cold protection measures have been adopted.

2. Winter construction skills must be used during winter construction. The work environment should be blocked, windshield, heated and kept warm, and the temperature of the lining after masonry should be kept above +5°C.

3. When the castable is constructed in winter, the dry material should be stored in the heating room first, and mixed with boiling water, and the temperature of the mixed material is kept above 10 ℃. It is inappropriate to add a chemical coagulant or antifreeze.

4. When constructing in the furnace in winter, the insulation layer should be built first to mobilize the antifreeze ability of the refractory layer. After construction, the masonry should be covered with plastic cloth, and then covered with dried vegetables. For the newly built kiln, its heat preservation The time should not be less than 10 days. It is forbidden to expose the already built masonry to the cold and majestic.

5. In rainy days, construction should be transferred to indoor homework. All materials, handling tools, work sites and masonry will be protected from rain. Unfinished buildings must be covered, plugged and leaked. The top of the completed blast furnace must be sealed off. The completed ground prefabs should be raised and covered, and it is forbidden to soak in water.

6. When the ambient temperature is ≥30℃, it can be regarded as summer construction. During summer construction, the water temperature and material temperature should be controlled below 30℃. Materials exposed to the hot sun should be cooled before being used.

7. When constructing pouring material in summer, try to arrange it in the morning or evening. After pouring, it should be covered with a curtain in time, and water should be sprayed frequently to cool down.