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PTFE molded square plate

PTFE molded square plate

Characteristics of PTFE molded square plate:

1. The operating temperature range is very wide (from -200 degrees to +260 degrees Celsius).

2. Basically have corrosion resistance to all chemical substances except some fluorides and alkaline metal liquids.

3. Excellent mechanical properties including aging resistance, especially for bending and swing applications.

4. Outstanding flame retardancy (in accordance with ASTM-D635 and D470 test procedures, it is designated as a flame retardant material in the air.

5. Excellent insulation characteristics (regardless of its frequency and temperature)

6. The water absorption rate is extremely low, and it has a series of unique properties such as self-lubricity and non-stickiness.

7. Low friction coefficient and very good wear resistance

Yangzhong PTFE molded square plate applications: seals/gaskets, ring materials, wear plates/seats, insulating parts, corrosion resistance industries, mechanical parts, linings, oil and natural gas, petrochemical industries, chemical industries, Equipment manufacturers, etc.

Yangzhong PTFE molded square plate specifications: special sizes can be customized

Yangzhong PTFE molded square plate:



Bar: Diameter: 6~200mm.x 200mm / 1000mm

Color: white, black, brown