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How to distinguish the authenticity of the compressor of the chiller?

How to distinguish the authenticity of the compressor of the chiller?

Recently, everyone is very concerned about the authenticity of the antifreeze chiller industry, especially the main component inside-the compressor, as the core of the equipment, the identification of its authenticity is very important.

In fact, some people in the industry said frankly that from the appearance, it is difficult to find the difference if you do not pay attention to it. The authenticity can be distinguished by detection methods, which can be distinguished by details such as energy efficiency, reliability, and sound.

Counterfeit products cannot be compared with genuine products. Especially in the details, there must be certain defects, which cannot achieve a certain low-temperature cooling effect. After one year, certain after-sales problems will definitely occur. This is still a minor impact. Seriously, once the compressor fails, it will definitely affect the entire process product. If you are not careful, it will still be dangerous to the operator.

Especially second-hand compressors are particularly harmful, because the operating life of the antifreeze chiller has reached its maximum time capacity. When it is running, it will definitely not achieve the cooling effect. Once it is put into use, there will be It is highly dangerous, and failures occur more frequently. Even after-sales service will bring great losses to the enterprise.

Of course, counterfeit compressors cannot be compared with regular products in terms of quality. Each compressor from the regular production line has its own unique anti-counterfeiting code that can be queried. Everyone can check the authenticity carefully.