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How to inspect industrial chillers before leaving the factory?

How to inspect industrial chillers before leaving the factory?

Water chiller manufacturers: The inspection contents of industrial chillers before leaving the factory mainly include:

1. Current detection of chiller

When the industrial chiller is running, it can detect the current in the circulating pump of the chiller, and the manufacturer can also determine whether the current change is too large or too small, which is convenient for the manufacturer to get to the water.

The condition of the system;

2. Hydrostatic pressure detection

The water output of industrial chillers and the pressure value of the inlet pipe are also very important. Manufacturers and customers can judge whether the chiller is operating normally by the amount of water output, and can determine which section of the hose has a slightly higher pressure value, which is convenient for repairing. ; Chiller

3. Deep inhalation temperature detection of air-conditioning copper pipes

After running the industrial chiller for about half an hour, if the deep suction temperature of the compressor is less than 0 degrees, it indicates that the water output in the heat exchanger has not reached a fixed value, which is likely to cause a drop in volatility.