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Pultrusion epoxy glass fiber rod

Pultrusion epoxy glass fiber rod

1. Multi-specification pultruded epoxy glass fiber rod, high-strength, aging-resistant glass fiber rod

2. Specializing in the production of carbon fiber rods, carbon fiber (square) tubes, carbon fiber sheets and glass fiber rods, glass fiber (square) tubes, glass fiber strips and profiles

Pultruded carbon fiber rod manufacturer

3. Application; camping tents, mosquito nets, kites, windmills, sails, toys, model airplanes, golf bags, golf practice nets, flagpoles, flying saucers, curtains, luggage, umbrellas, handbags, bows and arrows, sprayers, handicrafts, advertising X display racks , PCB equipment shaft, and other alternative steel and plastic product brackets.

4. Technical process: A. The glass fiber filament is impregnated with resin and cured in a high-speed polymerization device integrated with photoelectric and heat, and then pultruded by traction.

B. Carbon fiber composite material is pre-impregnated with styrene-based polyester resin and cured by heating and pultrusion (twisting).

Or technical process: pultrusion

5. Specifications: Various.