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Detailed introduction of epoxy glass fiber tube

Detailed introduction of epoxy glass fiber tube

People who do not have much contact with epoxy glass fiber pipe may have a very low knowledge of epoxy glass fiber pipe. The following epoxy glass fiber pipe manufacturers will give you a specific introduction to epoxy glass fiber pipe:

It is essentially the same as the epoxy board, but the production process is different. To put it bluntly, the epoxy board is changed to the same shape. The only difference is that the fiber cloth added in the epoxy glass fiber tube is more circular. There are many more oxygen plates. Its product models are many, generally including 3240, FR-4, G10, G11 four models (the lower the ranking, the better). Generally, 3240 epoxy glass fiber tube is suitable for electrical and electronic equipment under medium temperature conditions. The performance of G11 epoxy board is the best, its thermal stress is as high as 288 degrees.

It has high mechanical strength, dielectric properties and good machinability. Generally applicable to electrical equipment such as transformers, electric shocks, engines, high-speed rails, etc.

Simple identification:

Its appearance is relatively smooth, without bubbles, oil stains, and feels smooth to the touch. And the color looks very natural, without cracks. For epoxy glass fiber pipes with a wall thickness of more than 3mm, it is allowed to have cracks that do not hinder the use of the end face or cross section.