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How to maintain the hearth of the laboratory muffle furnace?

How to maintain the hearth of the laboratory muffle furnace?

1. When the laboratory muffle furnace and controller are used, the rated power must not be exceeded, and the furnace temperature must not exceed the rated operating temperature. It is forbidden to put wet workpieces into the furnace, and heated workpieces with ultra-high moisture should be dried in advance.

2. The silicon-carbon rods should be placed in a dry place to prevent the aluminum head from becoming damp. During use, if some rods are found to be blazing white and some are dark red, it indicates that the resistance of each rod is different, and it is necessary to replace it with a rod with a similar resistance value before using it again.

3. The laboratory muffle furnace and controller must work in a place where the relative humidity does not exceed 85%, there is no conductive dust, explosive gas, and corrosive gas that can damage metal insulation and electronic components.

4. The working environment temperature of the controller is limited to 0-50℃.

5. The laboratory muffle furnace should be kept clean. The metal oxides, molten slag and impurities in the furnace should be removed in time. Care should be taken when loading and unloading workpieces to prevent damage to the silicon carbide rods.

6. The silicon carbide rod is a recrystallized product of silicon carbide in the laboratory muffle furnace. Alkali, alkali metal, sulfuric acid and boron compounds can corrode it at high temperatures, and water vapor has a strong oxidative effect on it: hydrogen and Gases containing a lot of hydrogen will decompose silicon carbide rods at high temperatures, so careful attention must be paid when using them.