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Correlation analysis on the water quality and quantity of the chiller water tower

Correlation analysis on the water quality and quantity of the chiller water tower

The water quality and quantity of the chiller’s chiller are the key to ensuring the normal operation of the chiller. The so-called chiller water quality is the quality of the cooling water, and the water quantity is the quantity of the cooling water. The chiller has many requirements for the water quality of the chiller. :

1. The water quality must be clear

The water quality is good. For the refrigerator, it is clear. Only clear cooling water can achieve the best heat conduction effect, which can make the cooling water better carry heat, better transfer heat, and better heat dissipation. Only pure and clear cooling water can better dissipate heat.

Second, the water volume problem

The amount of water is the amount of cooling water, and the cooling water must have a sufficient amount to meet the heat dissipation demand of the cooling water. In the cooling water system of the refrigerator, there must be a sufficient and appropriate amount. But it does not mean that sufficient water is added. The cooling water of the cooling water tower of the refrigerator can meet the permanent operation during the operation process, and there is no need to consider the water volume problem!

In addition to these, what else needs to be considered for cooling water in the chiller’s cold water tower? It is also necessary to consider the loss of water. If the water is lost, it needs to be replenished continuously!

The water quality is also the same. It is not simply the original water quality. During the operation of the refrigerator, many water pollution should be considered:

In the case of normal water quality, if the outside air, that is, the air quality near and around the cold water tower, is poor, it will greatly affect the water quality. The water quality is also affected by whether the pipes are cleaned regularly. If the cooling water pipes and fillers cannot be cleaned regularly, the water quality of the cooling water may be affected and the cooling water quality may be polluted.

The amount of water should not only consider the proper amount of water loss during normal operation of the cooling tower, but also the evaporation of cooling water during normal circulation, and the normal evaporation of cooling water when the ambient temperature is too high.

In general, cooling water is the most important part of the chiller system. If the amount and quality of cooling water cannot be effectively guaranteed, the normal operation of the chiller is impossible to talk about.