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Solutions to the shutdown of water-cooled chillers

Solutions to the shutdown of water-cooled chillers

1. The effect of evaporator and condenser deteriorated, which is generally caused by condenser scale (water-cooling heat dissipation) and scale appearing in the evaporator. It should be dealt with in time, which can not only improve the efficiency, but also increase the service life of the parts and prevent the machine. Parts are excessively corroded.

2. The high load of the compressor will not only cause the efficiency to be lowered, but the temperature of the compressor may be too high when running with high load for a long time. Most of the compressors of the chiller are equipped with overload protection, temperature protection, etc. So the compressor will go on strike.

3. It should be noted that the load of the compressor must be within its rated power, and it cannot be overloaded and operated, otherwise it will not only lead to lower refrigeration efficiency, but also seriously affect the service life of the compressor.

4. The expansion valve is prone to problems due to long-term opening and closing. If the expansion valve fails, it should be replaced in time. If the pipeline appears to be leaked or broken, it must be repaired or replaced in time. When there is a problem with the temperature and pressure detection device, it should be determined whether it is a device problem or a control system problem, and an effective solution should be taken.