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Summary of three common problems of chiller chilled water tank

Summary of three common problems of chiller chilled water tank

The first one, the leak problem

Although the refrigerated water tank is made of better materials and can withstand certain corrosion and temperature, it is not guaranteed that it will never leak, especially after the enterprise purchases an open refrigerator, the quality is uneven and the quality is uneven. The refrigerated water tank of the refrigerator is actually prone to leakage, damage and related problems. Therefore, the biggest problem of the refrigerated water tank is leakage.

Therefore, precautions should be taken-it is recommended to choose a good quality chilled water tank and use it after special treatment.

The second is the water level problem.

The water level problem is the biggest problem other than the chilled water tank. The water level issue ranks second in the chilled water tank failure of the refrigerator. The water level failure is generally common in the box chiller, mostly because of the lack of chilled water and float switches. , Ball valve and other accessories failure.

Third, the float switch, ball valve and other failures.

The chilled water tank is not only able to operate normally with only one container, it must also cooperate with the float switch and spherical valve and other accessories to be able to normally start the chilled water pump and be integrated into the entire chiller system.