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Is the electromagnetic wave radiation of the high-frequency heating machine harmful to the human body?

Is the electromagnetic wave radiation of the high-frequency heating machine harmful to the human body?

First of all, we must figure out what kind of frequency range electromagnetic waves are harmful to humans?

According to the scope set by IEEE (International Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineering):

1. In the frequency range from about 0.1MHz to about 300MHz, the generated magnetic field whose magnetic field strength exceeds 3 milligauss is harmful to the human body. The magnetic field from 90MHz to 300MHz is the most harmful, and the lower it is, the closer it is to 0.1MHz. The smaller the damage of the magnetic field, the more insignificant the problem of damage to the magnetic field below 0.1MHz. Of course, in the harmful range, its intensity is below 3 milligauss, which is generally regarded as the safe range.

2. Electromagnetic waves are the most harmful from 90MHz to 300MHz. The closer to 12000MHz above 300MHz, the less the damage. Therefore, we know that the frequencies 900MHz and 1800MHz of the “Big Brother” we used before are in the harmful range. . As for the industrial heating electromagnetic movement, the frequency is 17~24KHz, which belongs to the super audio frequency signal (20~25kHz range). Except for some slight noises, it is not harmful to the human body.

3. The frequency and principle of industrialized electromagnetic heating are basically the same as that of household induction cookers. Now, household induction cookers have entered thousands of households, and there is no doubt about their safety. In fact, the effective interval of magnetic field lines of induction cookers is very short, only within 3cm for iron The quality is effective. You may wish to do a simple and effective experiment. If the bottom of your induction cooker is slightly improved even by 1cm, the electromagnetic induction at the bottom of the pot will rapidly attenuate. And for our industrial electromagnetic heating, the coil is more than 1500mm away from the operator. , The danger is completely negligible.

4. Modern civilization is absolutely inseparable from electromagnetic waves, and our space is also full of electromagnetic waves of various wavelengths, just like sunlight. If the earth does not have sunlight, everything will lose life, so sunlight is a beneficial electromagnetic wave for people. In addition, there are many infrared medical devices, which are also electromagnetic waves that are beneficial to the human body. Although the electromagnetic radiation of electromagnetic heating is not beneficial, it is not harmful to the human body. According to the test, it is about one-sixtieth of the time when the mobile phone is connected. You can use it with confidence.