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How to clean the alumina crucible?

How to clean the alumina crucible?

Alumina crucible, square alumina crucible, alumina corundum ark (rectangular alumina ceramic crucible), straight (cylindrical) alumina crucible and various special-shaped alumina ceramic crucibles. It is suitable for various laboratories, laboratories, metal and non-metal sample analysis and melting materials and various industrial analysis.

How to clean it?

1. Acid foam: usually soak in nitric acid for a long time; then wash with water

2. Dry, slowly heat up to 800℃ in 6 hours in a high temperature furnace

3. Take it out after cooling and it is ready to use.

In addition to impurities, the insoluble matter is converted into soluble nitrate to remove

Remove trace amounts of nitrate in the crucible (thermal decomposition method): pay attention to the heating rate must not be fast, otherwise the crucible will be peeled (explosive damage).