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How to clean the crucible after cleaning the ash:

How to clean the muffle furnace equipment?

(1) The furnace tank is cleaned once a week during continuous production. The cleaning of intermittent production furnace tanks should be carried out immediately after the furnace is shut down.

(2) When the cleaning temperature of the furnace tank is 850~870℃, all the chassis should be taken out;

(3) When blowing in from the feed end of the furnace with a compressed air nozzle, the valve should not be opened too much, and it must be moved back and forth and left and right during blowing to prevent local overheating;

(4) The gas burner is cleaned with kerosene once before carburizing.

(5) After the chassis or fixture is quenched, return to the pre-cooling room to remove oil stains.

(6) If the exhaust pipe is found to be blocked (the pressure in the furnace increases suddenly), it should be cleaned immediately. First open the waste gas valve with no water seal, and then close the waste pipe valve with the water seal. After cleaning, you should first open the exhaust pipe valve with a water seal, and then close the exhaust gas without a water seal.